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Make payments, requests, and submit online forms from one centralised location

With community living becoming a lifestyle and investment norm across Australia, we have a dedicated products and innovations team who focus on making day-to-day living easier – allowing you to make payments, requests and submit forms from one centralised location.

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CommunityHub online services

+ How to register for CommunityHub

How to register and access Community Hub?

To access Community Hub you must first register for the service. Following the steps below to register and get your login access.

1. To register, have your Levy Notice handy and visit The Community Hub welcome page will open and you simply click on the First Time Users button.

2. The registration form page opens. Fill in your contact and plan information details to submit.

3. When filling in the Owner Reference field you need to input your Owner Reference Number.

4. The Owners Reference Number can be found at the top of your Levy Notice. Input the reference number with the alphabet prefix followed by the number as shown below.

5. Then select your state from the drop down list. After completing the form click the Submit button.

6. Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement email.

7. Once the details are confirmed by the Community Hub administration team you will receive an email with your user ID and password within two working days.

You can then securely log in to Community Hub at any time from the NSW Strata home page.

Repairs & maintenance

+ Request for repairs

The owners corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all common property within the strata property.

NSW Strata Management provides a 24/7 service for common area maintenance support. For urgent after-hours maintenance call 1300 665 639.

Any non-urgent repairs to common property can be submitted directly to NSW Strata Management by filling and submitting the below work request for repairs form.

Request for repairs form

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Forms & applications

+ Request for keys or access device

To request a key, swipe, fob or remote control for your strata property, complete the form below and click the submit button.

You must be the lot owner or an authorised person by the lot owner. If you are a tenant, you must provide supporting documentation that you have approval from the real estate/leasing agent or the lot owner before applying.

Upon receipt of your application, your strata manager will inform you of the process to obtain the access devices. Your strata manager will advise you if any fees apply. You cannot collect your keys from our office until your request has been confirmed and your payment (if required) has been received.

The standard time frame between lodging your application and picking up the keys is two business days.

Keys and access device request form

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+ Update my details

All correspondence and notices are sent to owners at the address recorded on the strata roll. It is the responsibility of every owner to ensure that the details we have recorded are correct and to advise us as soon as possible of any changes.

You can update your details directly via our online customer portal, CommunityHub. Or, complete the form below.

Update details form

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