Fact Sheets for Strata

Community Hub

Community Hub is an online web portal. It’s designed to allow you access to your building’s strata information at any time and from anywhere.

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Online Approval Invoice System

Community Hub’s Online Invoice Approval (OIA) system is an invoice management and processing solution run by an electronic workflow, which replaces manual handling and paper-based invoice approval.

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Levy Arrears

By paying your levies, the Strata Plan has the resources it needs to carry out its duties under the Act such as insuring the building and arranging repairs and maintenance to the common areas.

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Notice period for meetings

The required notice period for a meeting is prescribed in the legislation. For the first Annual General Meeting (AGM), notice must be served on each owner, first mortgagee and
covenant chargee shown on the strata roll at least 14 days before the meeting is to be held.

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