About New South Wales Strata Management

About New South Wales Strata Management
New South Wales Strata Management is a subsidiary of PICA Group, one of Australia’s leading property services companies.

NSW Strata Management was founded in 1990 and has grown to become one of the leading strata and community title management agencies in NSW.

Our agency covers the entire Sydney metropolitan area and most parts of regional NSW. Specialised in strata management services our team manages a variety of property types including residential units, townhouses, villas, small shopping centres, industrial units, mixed-use schemes, office blocks and professional suites.

NSW Strata Management is a longstanding member of industry association Strata Community Australia (NSW).


Our approach: we protect your investment
A well-run strata scheme is an asset to an owners corporation and makes for a pleasant place to live or work. However, understanding the ins and outs of managing a strata property is complicated and time consuming. As strata professionals, we are able to use our expertise to overcome obstacles and protect your investment.

This approach ensures that when the time comes for an owner to sell their lot, prospective purchasers will be able to see the books and records have been accurately documented, the common property has been well maintained, and the owners corporation finances reflect the lots interest in the property.


Our strength: our team
At NSW Strata Management, we have a large team of experienced strata managers. This allows us to maintain a healthy manager-to-property ratio ensuring all of our clients receive professional and personal service. Our highly trained and efficient support staff provide assistance to our managers ensuring matters can be addressed in a timely manner.


Our aim: tailoring our management service to your unique strata needs
We understand that each of the schemes we manage come with a unique set of circumstances and needs. We tailor our service to meet the specific demands of each property and commit to delivering the services required to the highest possible standard.


Our technology and development: what keeps us ahead

PICA Group has invested more than $26 million dollars into new technology. Our subsidiaries deliver superior operational and service efficiencies via an online portal and risk management solutions.

NSW Strata Management takes pride in its significant investment in staff training and technology. We offer our clients professional levels of service from staff who are continuously educated in the latest strata industry legislation. NSW Strata maintains close relationships with professionals such as solicitors, insurance brokers, real estate agents, and banks to keep abreast of changes to the strata industry allowing us to deliver proactive service to our clients.