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We take NSW legislation changes seriously to ensure you’re protected

21 Mar 2017
The PICA Group has been proactively responding to the changes to NSW legislation for two years in advance of it being introduced. You can rest assured you’re protected by Australia’s...

End of an era with Greg Haywood, PICA Group CEO announcing his retirement

11 Aug 2015
PICA Group CEO, Greg Haywood, today announced his retirement following 14 years with the company. Current PICA Group Chairman, Greg Nash, will replace Mr Haywood as PICA Group CEO and Managing...

Increase your apartment's value with connection to the NBN

3 Feb 2015
Apartment owners are being encouraged to ensure their buildings are registered with a new database established by Strata Community Australia (SCA) specifically to capture details for connection to...

Emergency evacuation plans for apartment owners

30 Jan 2015
For the first time ever, apartment owners are being asked whether their building has an evacuation plan and would they know what to do in an emergency? Having an emergency evacuation plan in...

Apartment owners urged to check the BBQ is safe before Christmas

18 Dec 2014
NSW Strata Management is reminding apartment owners to stay fire safe this summer especially while barbecuing on their balconies. Group CEO, Greg Haywood said the festive season is the time most...